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I’ve planned a garden every spring since I moved to Texas. Each time, something or other got in the way. The biggest reason was we were planning on moving soon. The ‘soon’ was never really defined, and in the end, we never did move.
This spring, we’re in the same situation. I’m not letting it stop me this time. The garden is going in. Period. I have a whole bundle of heirloom seeds that I want to plant, and old seeds don’t germinate well. I need to plant this garden if only to keep my seed stock young.
We borrowed a tiller from a friend, but we can’t get it started. It seems even our friend could not get it started, and this fact had not been relayed to me when I tried to use it. I spent half an hour fiddling with the dern thing before I gave up. Farm Husband tried his best too, only to fail, and then tell me that our friend wasn’t able to start it either. So we had to do this by hand, which immediately shrank my garden by half.
Farm Husband had been using a pickaxe to break up the dirt and grass, if you can call what we grow here grass. It forms a kind of viney mat that’s tough to dig through. Farm Girl needed some chores to do, so she was elected weed puller. Once we got a space open I got out the nifty little cultivater tool I had, and Farm Husband was rather put out I hadn’t told him we had it before. It seems it worked much better at breaking up the grass mat than the pickaxe, and wore him out less. I wish I had thought about it sooner, The whole area I was hoping to do would be dug up by now!
Today I mulched a portion of what we had dug up
Tomorrow I cultivate it again, and then plant.
Next week we’ll go to the feed store and buy more mulch.
I’m so happy to finally get my garden in!

The eggs are doing as well as can be expected. I’m pretty sure at least one of my cream legbar eggs is not developing, I’m unsure of two, and one definitely has veining! The orpington/ameraucana eggs are too dark to see much through, but one of the two definitely is developing, and the olive eggs are too dark to see anything at all except the air cell at the end. I need a better candler.
The eggs are due to hatch next Sunday. I figure I’ll set up the web cam again when it’s time!

The chicks are coming along very well. I figure that when the new eggs hatch, the chicks will be ready to move outside. I’m setting up a PVC run for them and I’ll make a little enclosed roosting area for them to sleep in. It’s warm enough finally that I don’t have to worry about month old chicks dying of cold outside. They’ll stay in their run for another month until they get big enough to integrate with the current flock.
I’m fairly certain I have three roosters at least. Possibly four. We’ll see how they behave as they grow up before I decide who to capon. Caponizing is usually done at three months, they’re almost to one month and will be fully one month when the eggs hatch. I hope I do well! I wish I had a proper rib spreader, but I’ll make do with what I have. Such is the motto of the prospective homesteader.

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